10 Best Aviation Schools to Consider Attending In South Africa

One important choice all students have to make while transitioning into adulthood is the choice of what university to attend. This choice may be influenced by a couple of factors that may or may not be directly related to the institution of choice.

Now after deciding or communicating your interest of studying aeronautical engineering to your guardian or loved one, the next question on your mind would be what aviation school to enrol in for adequate training and experience in your desired course.

Having said this, we know selecting schools might be a very stressful and tiring process for people especially when it is within a concise period. In this article, we would be pointing you towards the top aviation schools you can consider for your degree in South Africa.

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10 Best Aviation Schools to Consider Attending In South Africa

1) Aeronav Academy Limited, Johannesburg, South Africa

Aeronav Academy is based at Lanseria international airport which gives you the opportunity to train at one of the busiest airports in South Africa. The experience gained from learning to fly in an environment where you will be operating at a fully controlled airport amongst heavy commercial traffic and in controlled airspace not only gives students the adequate experience needed to successfully start a career in the aviation industry.

2) CapeTown Flight Training Centre, Durbanville

Capetown Flight Training Centre offers early-career pilots hands-on practical experience with flight handling, airspace control and aviation best practices. There is also an emphasis on learning the safety measures required to fly and keep passengers calm during the flight.

3) Algoa Flight Centre, Port Elizabeth

The Algoa Flying centre unites pilots and flight instructors with a large and diverse fleet of aircraft for flight training and recreational flying. Although flying and learning with Algoa flight centre requires that you become a member of the Algoa flying club either you are looking to become a professional pilot or just doing it for fun.

4) Virginia Flight School

Virginia flight school is located at KwaZulu-natal, they offer a fixed-wing flight training programme leading to the Private Pilot Licence, which is then followed by the Night Rating. This leads onto the Commercial Pilot Licence and can include an Instrument Rating.

5) Sky Aviation Academy

This institution offers a wide amount of courses which caters to a wide range of people with different career paths in the aviation industry. There are courses in customer service, Aviation support training, courses for operational positions within an airline organisation e.t.c

6) Cranfield Aviation Training

Situated in Gauteng South Africa, Cranfield Aviation Training a leading aviation training organisation registered and accredited with the South African Civil Aviation Authority. Cranfield provides a wide range of aviation courses to existing flight crew members who are required by law to undergo annual recurrent training. They also provide flight attendant training for those interested in a flight attendant career.

7) Avcon Jet Africa, Midrand

Avcon Jet Africa was established at Grand Central Airport in 2013 with a focus of training professionals who are relevant both in the international market with the required experience and expertise.

8) Progress Flight Academy, Port Elizabeth South Africa

Progress Flight Academy specialises in providing premium flight training to clients who wish to achieve a genuine operational capability in multi-engine piston aeroplanes and attain the Commercial Pilot Licence with multi-engine Instrument Rating (CPL/IR (ME)).

Their flight training syllabus is highly structured and based on best international practice; the European Joint Aviation Authorities Flight Crew Licensing standard (JAA-FCL).

9) Eagle Air Flight School

TR Eagle Air (Pty) Ltd has been in operation as a flight school for more than 10 years and has as such been registered as an Aircraft Training Organization with the South African Civil Aviation Authority.

It is situated in Pretoria at Wonderboom Airport and boasts of training international students from all over the world who have gone on to make a name for themselves within their profession

10) 43 Air School, Port Alfred

43 Air School is an aviation school located at Port Alfred in South Africa.  it is one of the aviation schools with enormous training grounds to cater to the needs of their students while teaching them how to ensure flight safety and air traffic control. 43 Air School is the only flight school that awards its trainee pilots with an Integrated Airline Transport Pilot´s License (IATPL).


These schools are highlighted as some of the best schools you can attend for a degree or certification either as a pilot or in any relevant field within the aviation sector because, they are properly accredited and have up-to-date equipment required to train students looking to work on the international scene.

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