University of Johannesburg Student Fees Payment Methods

Have you been wondering how to pay for the University of Johannesburg students fees? You’re at the right place. In this article, we’ll show you the approved methods to pay for your tuition and application fees.

As at the time of the publication of this article, there are just four (4) approved methods for the University of Johannesburg fees payment.

How to Pay for University of Johannesburg Fees

Students are expected to pay the full tuition fees due to the module before registration will be allowed. To ensure a timeous and successful registration, it is advisable to make your payment at least three days prior to the last day of the registration period for each intake.

Credit Card – recommended payment option

Credit card (e-payments) will reflect on your UJ student account immediately.
For online e-payments please use the following link:

Bank deposit

FNB bank deposit payments will reflect on your UJ student account within 15 minutes.
Students who make payments at FNB branches must ensure that their names and student numbers are clearly written in block letters on the deposit slip. Please file the deposit documentation in a safe place.

Should you have any queries regarding the payment not reflecting on your UJ student account, therefore preventing you from registering, you can email to submit an enquiry – insert your student number as the email subject.

  • Visit any FNB branch to make a payment into the UJ Tuition Fee account.
  • The teller should select the UJ Tuition Fee account for payment.
  • Use your valid UJ student number as reference.

Electronic fund transfers (EFT)

EFTs must be made 72 hours before the registration period closes to ensure that the payment reflects on your UJ student account.

EFTs made from outside the countrys borders may take even longer. It is recommended that foreign students effect payment at least ten days before the registration period closes.

  • The ‘UJ FNB Tuition Fee’ account is available as a predefined beneficiary on the electronic platforms of all the major South African banks. Search for the predefined beneficiaries on your own electronic banking platform.
  • Select UJ FNB Tuition Fee account and save that as a beneficiary to make payment.
  • Use your valid UJ student number as reference.


ATM payments will reflect on your UJ student account within 15 minutes.

  • Use any FNB ATM that can accept cash.
  • Select the cardless services option on the ATM.
  • Deposit the cash.
  • FNB Recipient Name – key in UJ and then space.
  • Select UJ tuition fees account.


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