Salary Structure of Quality Control Analysts in South Africa

As a graduate of microbiology, chemistry, biochemistry, and other applied sciences looking to start a career in the industry, you might be interested in what they pay is for each level you would be in during your career progression. This article would explain the salary structure of quality control analysts in South Africa.

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Salary Structure of Quality Control analysts in South Africa

Quality control analysts play an important role in ensuring the safety of products manufactured by their employers. There are many procedures and techniques used to ensure the safety of these goods at all manufacturing stages.

Many quality control officers run shifts which might require them to work even on weekends and public holidays but as they progress into senior roles they begin to work within an 8-5 schedule.

While working as a quality control officer, having these skills make you efficient and effective during work hours;

  • Interpersonal skills
  • Good oral and written communication skills
  • Numeracy and analytical ability
  • Teamwork
  • Organizational ability
  • IT skills
  • Time management
  • Data analysis
  • Knowledge of relevant principles and applications
  • Decision making and problem-solving skills

Having said that, how much do quality control officials earn in South Africa?

If you have between 1-4 years of experience then your annual earnings including overtime, bonuses, and other compensation would be R201,591 annually.

After spending a couple of years within the industry, your experience would allow you to negotiate for better pay either within your present organization or other organizations looking for your services. Having 5-9 years of experience can increase your earnings to about R244,168 annually.

Also, the overall head in the quality control laboratory also referred to as the quality control manager is one who has over 10 years of experience alongside a master’s degree and other necessary qualifications as required by the office. This can further increase one’s earnings to R317089 – R378000 annually.

There are also opportunities for you to earn money while still studying towards the completion of your degree. You can do this by applying for internships within different manufacturing organizations for an opportunity to gain insight and experience into how things are done within the quality control laboratory.




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