Salary Structure of Public Relation’s Officers in South Africa

Public relations officers are the media managers of many organizations and government parastatals in many countries around the world. Their roles are very important to make sure their brands and products are perceived in a good manner in the public domain.

In my other article, I explained the possible career paths one can explore as a public relations officer, but in today’s article, I would be discussing the salary structure of public relations officers in South Africa.

Salary Structure of Public Relations Officers in South Africa

Public relations is more focused on the reputation of clients and brands they represent and as such most of their work is centered around how their client is perceived in the public or how the opinion of the media can be influenced. To carry out their work effectively, a lot of understudy or survey sometimes is important as it gives them an insight into the general public opinion of their client or company.

The nature of their jobs makes it such that after their 8-5 duties, public relations officers need to monitor the trends on the radio, newspaper, television, and other media outlets. This enables them to respond quickly to any inquiry or scandal that might be making round about the company that they work for.

Having said that, how much do public relations officers earn in South Africa?

For most careers, the earning potential increases as one climbs up the career path. This is attributed to the years of experience and expertise you get to gather from different jobs, situations, and management of the public identity of individuals and companies you have worked with.

Those with less than one year’s experience would earn about R160,000 annually mainly because these are entry-level jobs that require additional training by the company within a few months of employment.

With 5-9 years of experience, it increases your earning potential to R243,000 annually with the options for additional incomes when performing duties outside working hours or during special occasions as requested by the company.

Senior professionals and heads of public relations departments in most organizations have over 10 years of experience and thus would earn between R321,000 – R408, 000 annually.

Asides from these salaries stated above there are opportunities to earn higher than the salaries outlined. One way to doing that is by either becoming an expert within a specific area of public administration or by working in industries that have high remuneration packages for their staff some include oil and gas or the aviation sector.



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