Salary Structure of Medical Doctors in South Africa

Being a medical doctor in the African continent is faced with its own challenges. On a few occasions, you may be required to make use of alternatives or tropical medicine practices when working in rural areas with little or no access to equipment. Regardless, every profession has its challenges although a lot of respect is accorded to individuals who identify themselves as doctors within most communities in South Africa. This article would explain the salary structure of medical doctors in South Africa.

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Salary Structure of  Medical Doctors in South Africa

Medical doctors work alongside other healthcare practitioners to provide good healthcare to both people of low and high-income families living in South Africa.

They work in health centres, general government hospitals, and private hospitals, and other facilities where healthcare is the focus of their company’s vision. Please note that for you to work as a medical doctor within any province in South Africa, you would be required to register with the health professionals council of South Africa for a valid license to practice.

Having said that, how much do medical doctors earn in South Africa?

On the average, doctor earns about 26,900 ZAR to 124,000 ZAR per monthly this could be more depending on their years of experience, hardship allowance, additional allowances and rural living allowance for those working in rural areas.

The field of medicine is quite broad and as such there are many people who go on to specialize within different fields in medicine. Below is a list of some of the specialist fields and their average salary.

Gynaecologist89,700 ZAR
Anesthesiologist117,000 ZAR
Cardiologist125,000 ZAR
Dermatologist101,000 ZAR
Endocrinologist96,600 ZAR
Family Practise67,200 ZAR
Oncologist88,600 ZAR
Nephrologist104,000 ZAR
Neurologist104,000 ZAR
Occupational Medicine72,400 ZAR
Ophthalmologist61,700 ZAR
Pathologist68,900 ZAR
Paediatrician73,800 ZAR
Psychiatrist84,400 ZAR
Psychologist83,100 ZAR
Radiologist88,500 ZAR
Urologist108,000 ZAR


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