Salary Structure of Editors in South Africa

The role of editors in making content appealing to the target audience cannot be overemphasized.

Think of it this way if you always read a book or magazine that is unorganised and lacked clarity in terms of grammatical structure and style, would you love to subscribe to new publications or books the organisation might be promoting?

I am guessing certainly not. Now that is why different organisation depending on their needs hire an editor with the skillset that would be beneficial to their organisation and their products.

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Salary Structure of Editors in South Africa

According to Wikihow, Editors are responsible for overseeing the quality of publications, whether in print or online. Editors read manuscripts for conformance to the publication style, for grammar and for factual accuracy. They may select works for publication, assist in the publication design and deal with other matters related to the publication.

Their daily schedule involves the following activities

  • Checking articles for grammatical errors
  • Rewriting sentences in clear and easy to understand languages
  • Obtain the source of information cited in materials to be published
  • Cross-check submissions from writers and giving deadlines to team members for a specific project
  • Ensuring all materials to be published are within the publication style and editorial policy
  • Approve photos and videos to be included in publications
  • Approve corrected versions submitted by team members for publication.

Your work environment as an editor is quite dynamic and dependent on what type of editor one decides to become. Also, the work schedule does not follow the typical 9-5 routine as they are sometimes under pressure to meet deadlines that might require working on public holidays or weekends.

Having said that, how much do editors earn in South Africa?

For most careers, the earning potential increases as one climbs up the career path. This is attributed to the years of experience and expertise you get to gather from working on several projects with different clients and teams.

These table shows the different types of editors and their earnings yearly, monthly or weekly.

Job TitleAverage Salary
Video editor R 9,335 per month
News editorR 615,834 per annum
Film editorR 314,957 per annum
Associate editorR 293,000 per annum
Story editorR 13,500 to 22,500 weekly
Finishing editor R 16,600 to 25,600 weekly
Assistant editorR 9,100 to 14,000 weekly
Sound editor R 12,500 to 22,500 weekly
ProofreaderR 15,119 per month
EditorR 18,282 per month
Content editorR 250,252 per annum
Copy editorR 286,118 per annum
Magazine editorR 290,326 per annum






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