Lyceum College Prospectus 2020


Lyceum College Prospectus 2020 | The Lyceum College admission prospectus for 2020 (PDF) is available for download on this page.

All prospective students who want to study at Lyceum College need to get hold of the prospectus. The prospectus is just like a guide that will put you through your journey at Lyceum College.

In the prospectus is all the tips and information that you need to succeed at diploma, distance learning, undergraduate and postgraduate studies. As a prospective student, you should think of the Lyceum College prospective as a survival kit, complete with map, instructions, advice and everything you need to scale through the university.

Also note that “The admission requirements to the Lyceum College and the number of modules a student must pass per semester have changed.

Lyceum College Prospectus

The 2020 admission prospectus for the Lyceum College is available online and can be accessed below.

For more information, visit the Lyceum College Official website.

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