10 Jobs That Are In High Demand In South Africa

10- Jobs -That -Are- In- High -Demand -In -South -Africa

The effect of the coronavirus was felt both by employees and employers around the world as the latter had to make a decision which may be considered unfavourable to employees to save the business during the economic hardship caused by the pandemic.

This pandemic has given a lot of people time to reflect on their career paths and exploring the possibility of changing a career path to jobs that are more in high demand post the pandemic era.

Here are some jobs that are in high demand in South Africa;

10 Jobs That Are In High Demand In South Africa

1) Nursing and Health CareGivers

The healthcare sector was the least impacted as a result of the pandemic, instead there was an increase in the demand for nurses and other health care professionals who can provide care for ailing patients.

Health caregivers who specialize in taking care of elderly patients are also in demand to take care of patients and elderly ones who require services away from the hospital.

2) Lawyers

Law a noble profession sought after by many is a great place for people looking to start a new career after the pandemic. There are different areas of specialization in the field of law which allows you to interact with professionals who can refer you to bigger clients based on your performance during your previous jobs.

Many lawyers also make a side income from providing consulting services to individuals and companies who require the service of a lawyer but cannot afford the services of law firms.


3) Pilots

You might be surprised we included pilots on the list, well there are many reasons for that. The aviation industry was one of the industries affected majorly during this pandemic.

However, as countries are beginning to ease the restriction of both local and international flights, there would be a high demand for pilots both by commercial airlines and private jet owners to aid inter-country and inter-continental movements.

4) Sales Representatives

Sales representatives are employed by companies and multinationals looking to expand their customer base in a specific geographical location.

Many people with great negotiation skills, organisation and teamwork skills would excel excellently in a career as a sales representative within any organisation.

5) Customer Service Agents

The need for customer service agents has been on the rise especially during this new digital era. companies are trying to reduce physical presence in their organisations by creating an effective alternative digital channel to customers.

As such customer service agents help with answering enquiries and complaints that might be made during the use of their digital platforms.

6) Software Engineer

Software engineers are employed by startups and big companies to improve their technology and digital channels. As such they are required by almost every organisation looking to stay relevant in the business world.

Software engineers help with designing, developing and maintenance of software programs made for organisations. A degree in computer science is usually required for many roles, but in recent times many tech enthusiasts use a lot of online resources to teach themselves the principles governing software engineering.

These days as the demand for software engineers continue to increase, all you need to do is provide a portfolio of your previous works and also demonstrate adequate technical knowledge at the interview stage.

7) Medical Doctors

Just like nurses are in high demand right now so are medical doctors. Specialists in different areas of medicine are even more sought after dues to their knowledge and expertise required to manage some of the other arising ailments observed in patients with the coronavirus.

Also, there would be a need for more doctors to manage more patients across the globe in the post-pandemic era and thus there is a large volume waiting to be filled up qualified people.

8) Plumber

Having kids around this period means appliances at home with getting clogged or spoilt more frequently therefore, the service of a plumber would be more required during this period.

Plumbing work is often referred to as a blue-collar job but, you could always learn at a vocational school and start as a side-hustle before moving into the profession fully when you are confident in making enough sales to cover your monthly budget.

9) Electrician

Many people would also use this opportunity to repair and replace faulty electrical works around the house. Some organisations might also give contracts to freelance electricians to maintain and fix all electrical repairs in the firm since most staff are working remotely for now.

10) IT Officer

IT Officers can help with monitoring operational requirements, come up with different strategies to build and maintain cost-effective systems for organisations.

More businesses are beginning to create an IT department to handle all internet related problems as businesses begin to embrace the digital world.


A lot of people have been able to either switch their careers or have a side hustle that can augment their income by taking their self-development serious. You should devote time and attention to attending programmes and reading books that would aid your development process.


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