Career Opportunities for Mass Communication Graduates In South Africa

Communication can be simple when it’s done between 2-3 people. Have you ever wondered how effective communication is carried out with the masses especially on a large scale ?

Well, I can tell you asides from public relations officers, mass communicators are another set of professionals qualified to disseminate information on behalf of the government, media, or individual business owners.

What is Mass Communication?

Mass Communication is the field of study that helps one learn how information is exchanged on a large scale.

Information exchange could be through the use of mass media eg radio, television, newspaper, and the internet in recent times.

Learning the right skills required of you to become an effective mass communicator is important because the information given to the public is carried out under strict guidelines as directed by Regulatory bodies in each country.

What skill do you need as a Mass Communicator?

As a Mass Communicator, having these skills demonstrates your competence and understanding of your Prospective employer.These include:

  • Creativity
  • Critical thinking and Good observational skills
  • Research, Analytical and Problem-solving skills
  • Ability to work well in a team
  • Excellent communication and writing skills
  • Good Presentation and Negotiation skills

The Requirement to Study Mass Communication in South Africa

Candidates who would love to study Mass Communication in South African universities offering this course should:

  • Ensure that they Pass the entrance examination
  • Have good NSE results
  • Have an Art-related background

What Kind of Job Can I get as a Mass communicator?

Interestingly the communication field is quite broad with many career paths for you to consider some of which include:

  • Journalism
  • Editing
  • Content Creation
  • Photo-Journalism
  • Broadcasting and Advertising
  • Illustration
  • Public Relations
  • Copywriting
  • Information Specialist

This list isn’t exhaustive but you might consider obtaining more professional qualifications in order to have a competitive advantage.

Universities in South Africa Where You Can Study Mass Communication

You can find this course as journalism and mass communication, communication studies depending on the university preference. Some schools you can consider for a degree includes;



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